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Honest Computer Repairs will come to you, and we don't charge extra fees for pick-up and delivery if your computer needs a visit to our shop! You don't have to crawl under the desk and bump your head unplugging all those wires! Let us save your time and gas while getting you back up and running fast!

Save your time and knees

Schedule us to visit you on-site at your home office or business. Don't worry! We're polite, respectful, and even pet-friendly! Bark bark!
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We offer a wide range of solutions for your home office or small business

Virus Removal

Are you getting a lot of popups? Is your CPU constantly at 100% utilization? Did a fake "Microsoft" technician gain access to your computer? Let us get your computer cleaned up and resecured so you can get back on track!


Did Spot run across the livingroom and pull the charging cable out from your laptop? Will your computer not turn on at all? We keep parts needed for common hardware repairs in stock!


Do you have a computer that's been around for a few years, and it's just not as fast as it used to be? We can bring your computer up to date, and sometimes faster than the day you purchased it. All while keeping all of your data INTACT!

Remote Repairs

Do you have a file that just won't open? Has your email suddenly stopped working? Sometimes, all you need is a remote service done by us online! As long as your computer is still connected to the internet, of course!

Backup Solutions

Every hard drive ever made will crash, and it's only a matter of time before yours does. We provide maintanence-free backup solutions for your home business or office that you have physical control over. Your data will be in front of you, and not in the "cloud".

Home Networking

Trying to share your internet connection? Secure your internet connection from hackers? Do you need to install or share a printer, or add a new computer to your network? When you need help getting your home network into shape, we'll be there for you!

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