Windows Repairs

When Windows fails to load and displays the infamous Blue Screen of Death, the cause could be any number of a dozen things. A bad Windows update, faulty hardware, a virus infection, or a software incompatibility are common reasons why Windows will not boot. But no worries! We specialize in repairing Windows blue screen issues, while taking the utmost caution to protect and recover your data.


But we don't stop there! Once we get Windows up and running again, we will install the latest security patches, update your security programs and anti-virus if necessary, trim down all the startup processes to help your computer boot faster, and will gladly explain how to keep your system safely maintained! 

Laptop Screen Replacement

So your laptop took a great fall. Yikes! Broken laptop screens are a good way to ruin a good day. But don't worry! We keep some common screens in stock. But if we need to order yours, we try our best to source from local distributors to get your replacement screen as fast as possible!


After we replace your screen, we'll do a courtesy diagnostic, virus removal (if needed), and tune-up to get your computer running as best it can, and at no extra charge!

Repairs, Tune-ups & Upgrades

Over time, computers can become slower and take longer to start up. This can be due to a large number of background processes, startup programs, or aging hardware. Keeping your computer running lean and mean is what we excel at!


We also offer many upgrade solutions that can make your computer run faster than the day you purchased it! Whether it be increasing the amount of system memory, or upgrading that old mechanical hard drive to a newer "solid-state" drive, rest assured we can accommodate you while keeping all of your documents and programs intact!

Let us get you back up and running

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