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About Us

hello everyone :)

I started Honest Computer Repairs in 2017 because I know there are companies out there that have taken advantage of their customers by recommending unnecessary repairs. They do this because they think you don't know any of the geek speak, or the magic that happens in your computer that makes it work, or they're just plain greedy and driven only by money.

Consider my (lack of) knowledge of cars for example. For all I know, two squirrels are in the engine making it go! So when my mechanic tells me something is broken and needs to be fixed, I want to trust them. Just like you should be able to trust your computer guy!


My promise

In some cases, even if your computer issue looks grim, all you may need is one system setting changed, a cable plugged back in, one Windows update performed, or even just the Wi-Fi switch turned back on :)

These are examples of instances where other repair shops may take advantage of your situation, and sell you services you don't need. I never have, and never will. Some of you that have done business with me before I started Honest Computer Repairs already know this! And I humbly ask to be allowed to continue to provide you, your family, and your friends with honest and knowledgeable service in the future. Thank you.